XleTView is an Emulator for viewing MHP Xlets on a PC. It's an Open Source project licensed under Gnu Public License. You can download the latest source from CVS, how is explained here. Feel free to contribute with your modifications.

Please understand that the progress of the project is not as fast as everyone want it to be. Mainly because the maintainers are doing less interesting things, like trying to make a buck for living ;-)

We will add more info on this site continously.

Thanks for now,

Martin Sveden
e-mail: beiker at users.sourceforge.net

What's up
2005-09-17 Back online!. <div class="markdown_content"><p>I've been away since the middle of june but now I'm now back online. <br /> I will reply to all emails I've received in this period as soon as I can. </p> <p>--beiker</p></div>
2004-11-19 New member. <div class="markdown_content"><p>Brecht Deschoenmaeker has joined the project. Welcome !</p></div>
2004-10-08 New members. <div class="markdown_content"><p>A while ago Enver Haase joined the team and today Michiel joined. Welcome!</p></div>
2004-09-23 New team member. <div class="markdown_content"><p>Davy De Schrijver has joined the project. Welcome Davy!</p></div>
2004-08-12 MPEG2 I-Frame support. <div class="markdown_content"><p>MPEG2 I-Frame support is now implemented. There is still a lot to do with it but from the next release the workaround with a JPEG is not needed anymore, XleTView reads and displays real I-Frames.</p></div>
2004-06-27 Updated the manual for 0.3.6. <div class="markdown_content"><p>The new stuff is the section about the remote control settings.</p></div>
2004-06-07 Updating of manual etc.... <div class="markdown_content"><p>...will be made in the next few days. Sorry about the delay, for now use the manual for 0.3.5, most stuff are the same.</p></div>
2004-06-07 0.3.6 Released. <div class="markdown_content"><p>New release out. </p> <p>It includes implementations of HText, HIcon, HAnimation, HStaticAnimation, HAnimateLook, HGraphicButton, HTextButton HSinglelineEntryLook, HSinglelineEntry + more</p> <p>The status of the implementation in this release can be found at <a href="http://xletview.sourceforge.net/status-0.3.6.html">http://xletview.sourceforge.net/status-0.3.6.html</a></p></div>
2004-06-04 Mikael Ostberg joins the project. <div class="markdown_content"><p>Another nighthawk that runs on coffein and challenging problems.</p></div>
2004-06-03 Customizable Remote Control. <div class="markdown_content"><p>Yesterday I remade the remote control to be customizable from XML. With the new one you can easily set the look-and-feel and add buttons for generating key events for any key code.</p></div>
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